This law course will help to understand underlying principles governing armed conflicts, also known as International Humanitarian Law (IHL). It enables a careful evaluation of the various IHL rules intended to protect victims, such as civilians and prisoners of war, as well as wounded and sick during armed conflict. This course provides essential knowledge and skills for academics and practitioners who wish to specialise in this field. Course emphasise to professionals working in the humanitarian and medical field, including members of NGOs especially involved in armed conflict situations.

List of Lectures

  1. Definition, history, and development of International Humanitarian Law
  2. Classification of conflicts and applicability of IHL
  3. Protection of wounded, sick and shipwrecked
  4. Protection of prisoners of war
  5. Protection of civilians
  6. Regulations: means and methods in warfare
  7. Humanitarian assistance and role of non-governmental organizations
  8. Repression of serious violations of IHL