(Video captions and text content are available in both English and Traditional Chinese)

This course will provide participants with an overview of communication issues that have crucial effects on a deaf person’s access to health and emergency services. Participants will acquire knowledge, strategies and a basic set of sign language to achieve effectiveness in communicating with deaf people in selected contexts requiring emergency services. Furthermore, the course leads participants to carefully consider deaf people’s needs in disaster settings and possible actions to take to reduce the risks they face. This is the first local-based online sign language course in Hong Kong focusing on disaster risk reduction through improving the communication between first responders, the public and persons with hearing disabilities in health emergencies and disasters. All signs in the course are demonstrated by the deaf. Serving health professionals and paramedics are invited as the actors to ensure proper skill demonstration. Due to its innovativeness, the course was invited by United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) to be presented in the Ignite Stage section in Global 

Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2019 in Geneva. 

本課程將概述與聾人溝通的相關題目,說明當中對聾人取得醫療及緊急服務的重要關連。參與者將學習到與聾人作有效溝通的相關知識、策略及基礎手語,以應付需要緊急服務的某些指定情景。課程更會引導參與者著眼聾人在災害環境的需要,細心思考如何減低聾人在災難應對時面對的風險。 這是香港首個針對減少災害風險的手語教學網上課程。本課程藉改善前線救援人員、公眾與聽障人士之間,在緊急衞生事件或災難時的溝通,以達致減少災害風險的目的。課程內手語教學均由聾人親身示範。為求技術操作的準確性,本課程內的技術操作環節,均由現職醫護及救護人員作示範。就其創新性,本課程獲聯合國減災署邀請,於日內瓦舉行的2019年全球減少災害風險平台大會的「點燃講台」環節上作簡介。