Participants will learn about the building blocks and key components of emergency management, receive technical training in health and health system impact of major disaster, and to identify preparedness, response and recovery efforts and gaps in health sector in the context of emergencies. The online course will use various case disasters representing different large scale emergencies in different economic levels under different political systems.


Understanding Knowledge

  • Principles of health system and disasters 
  • Identify the different responsibilities of government, non-governmental agencies and private sector before, during and after disasters
  • Explain and describe the response actions of health system in different phases of the Disaster Management Cycle


  • To be able to analyse factors and strategies that play a crucial role in states of emergency and disasters 
  • To equip students with critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to lead in disaster situations

List of Lectures

  1. Introduction to health system and health impact of disasters
  2. Understand the responsibilities and responses of different stakeholders in disasters
  3. Disaster preparedness efforts and disaster risk reduction (DRR) preparedness in the health sector
  4. Disaster response and post-disaster recovery
  5. Disaster case scenarios